I know that I’m way late to the party, but I just got around to playing and finishing Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure by Big Bucket Software even though I bought it almost a year ago when it was released.

From the App Store description:

Space Age is a game of cosmic adventure. Set in the retro-futuristic sci-fi world of 1976, it follows a small but determined band of intergalactic explorers who land on a seemingly uninhabited planet, Kepler-16. They soon discover there’s something both strange and familiar about this alien place…And what happens next is a clash of old and new, a battle of past mistakes and future fallout.

It’s an incredibly fun adventure game that–to be honest–was more difficult than I expected it to be. I’m not a hardcore iOS gamer by any stretch (though I’m starting to play more and more), but this game was a lot of fun and I absolutely recommend it if you like pixel art and challenging gameplay.

Space Age is $2.99 and is available on the App Store.

Next up in my backlog: Home – A Unique Horror Adventure.

If you’ve been here before, you’ll notice there’s a fresh coat of paint on the site. I decided to build a new theme based off of _s (a.k.a., underscores) and this is the result of those efforts. My goal was to build a theme that’s simple, clean, readable, and focused on content and photos, and I think I accomplished that. I’m still making some tweaks here and there–particularly for mobile–so please let me know if you run into anything broken.

My long-term plan is to do some cleanups, add some features (as well as add back support for some of the things I’ve stripped out) and release it to the public.

  • Live Photos are amazing and are going to change the way memories are captured.
  • 3D Touch is pretty neat and makes accessing things faster.
  • The new camera is great. I just wish the 6s had the same image stabilization that the 6s+ has.
  • Touch ID is FAST. Sometimes I find it’s almost too fast if I want to just quickly check to see what song is playing or the time, so I’ll probably end up training myself to use the power button instead of the home button for that.
  • It’s a slightly heavier than the iPhone 6.

Overall I’m extremely pleased with the upgrade.