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So… I have an announcement to make. At the end of June, Miranda and I will be…


dramatic pause

Moving to the east coast!

We are going to spend the summer (or at least most of it anyway) in PA and take weekend trips up north to find a place where we want to live. Right now, New Hampshire is at the top of our list but Maine and Massachusetts are under consideration as well.


I’m down 40lbs since late January/early February. A lot of folks have asked me how, and it’s a combination of a few things.

  1. The Whole30
  2. I’ve pretty much cut out booze completely. I’ll usually go a month or so between drinks.
  3. Exercise. I’ve been slacking on this one since Miranda got hit by a car while we were on a bike ride a little over a month ago, but the weight is still falling off.

So there ya have it. Eat better, stop drinking, and do shit. It really has been that easy.