I’m Jim Mock, a web developer living in Portland, Oregon a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania. I’m currently the Web Development Manager at ON1, a position I’ve held since March of 2009.

I’m dad to the most awesome pair of 9-year old fraternal twin boys on the planet. They can certainly be a handful, but I can’t imagine my life without them. I’m also step-dad to 3 awesome kids–a 12-year old girl, a 10-year old boy, and an 8-year old girl. We’re a regular Brady Bunch over here.

About the site

The site is powered by WordPress and hosted at Linode.


My current setup consists of a 64GB Space Gray 11″ iPad Pro, and a 64GB white iPhone XR.

My “main computer” is the iPad Pro which, for now, is in a charcoal gray Smart Folio and connected to an old Apple Aluminum Keyboard that I had lying around until I decide if I want to pick up a Smart Keyboard Folio for it.

I also have a 13″ MacBook Pro on my desk that I really only use to slice up PSDs in Photoshop for work. I haven’t found a good way to do this on iOS yet, so if you know of a way to do it, please let me know so I can ditch the laptop completely.


All of the coding for the site is done with Coda on my iPad. The writing is usually done in the Notes app built into iOS, or occasionally, Safari or the WordPress app.

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