New year, new… design?

If youve been here before, you’ll notice that everything got a fresh, new coat of paint. If you haven’t been here before, well… everything got a fresh, new coat of paint 🙂

For the past couple of months, I’d been using Twenty Fifteen — the old default WordPress theme — because a) it works, and b) I don’t hate how it looks. My plan had always been to eventually replace it with something custom again, so I started building the theme you’re currently looking at about a week ago.

A few notes:

  1. I built a dark mode to go along with the default light theme.

    The icon in the nav will toggle between the two. Switching themes also sets a cookie that is used to remember your display choice. This means you’ll see your last-used theme if you leave and come back to the site at some point.

    I’ve been considering some other theme-related features, such as support for automatically changing the theme based on the visitor’s time of day and/or support for macOS Mojave’s dark mode, but havent decided yet if they’re worth implementing.

  2. The theme uses a system font stack, which means the site uses your operating system’s default font (San Francisco on macOS and iOS, Segoe UI on Windows, etc.).

  3. A fancy new tagline that I consider a pretty good way to look at life in general.

  4. If you still use RSS, you can subscribe to the RSS feed right here. If you’re an Apple News user, I’ve got you covered, too. You can subscribe to the site in Apple News to get updates whenever I post.

As always, I’ll be tweaking things and playing with things pretty regularly. If there are any particular features that you’d like to see or have any questions, please leave a comment below, find me on Twitter, or send some feedback.

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