A week and a half with the 11” iPad Pro

On November 8th, I picked up an 11″ iPad Pro. I got a 64GB Wifi-only model in Space Gray and a charcoal gray Smart Folio. I currently have it connected via Bluetooth to an old Apple Aluminum Wireless Keyboard that I had lying around until I decide if I want to pick up a Smart Keyboard Folio for it.

First impressions:

  • This thing is fast.

  • The screen is gorgeous.

  • I LOVE the design. I really hope they bring the flat sides back with the next iPhone.

  • Face ID is amazing. I’m pretty sure it detects more angles than it does on the iPhone and is more accurate because there is rarely a time it doesn’t unlock, even if I’m not sitting directly in front of it.

A few notes about why I chose the model I chose:

  • 64GB is enough for my usage. Nearly everything I use and work on is stored remotely in the cloud so I don’t need a ton of local storage.

  • I previously had a 64 GB Space Gray Wifi/Cellular 10.5″ model and I rarely had a need for cellular — I maybe used it 5 times in the year and a half that I had the iPad — so I decided to save some money and tether to my phone if I really need internet connectivity and there’s no Wifi available.

  • Why I chose the Smart Folio instead of the Smart Keyboard Folio came down to two things:

    1. The Smart Keyboard Folio can no longer fold like this, and I use that mode a lot, particularly while lying in bed.

    2. Cost. While I loved typing on the Smart Keyboard on the 10.5″ model and how quiet it was, the price of the Smart Keyboard Folio is more than I’m willing to spend right now. This is mostly due to item #1 above and that I already had a Bluetooth keyboard that I could use with it.

The only question I had before buying was whether I wanted to go with the 12.9” or the 11” that I ended up with. The 12.9” model is beautiful and the extra space would be really nice for work, but I still feel like it’d be just a little too big and awkward to hold for the times I’m not at my desk working. In the end, that swayed me towards the 11” model and I’m really happy with it.

If you have any questions about the iPad or how I use it, post a comment below or ask me on Twitter.

(Ed. Note: Full disclosure — many of the links above are Amazon affiliate links. If you click through to Amazon and buy something, I get a small kickback.)

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