Screen Time in iOS 12 is a mess

Update: This problem went away for me with the iOS 12.1 update and the kids’ usage stats are populating correctly.

One of the first things I did when iOS 12 was publicly released was set up Screen Time on the kids devices. My wife and I use Family Sharing to manage devices and purchases for our gaggle of children. Our Family Sharing setup currently looks like this:

Me -> Organizer
Miranda -> Parent/Guardian
Kid 1
Kid 2
Kid 3
Kid 4

We’d have a ‘Kid 5’ in there, but Family Sharing only allows for 6 people total so the youngest doesn’t have her own iCloud account and uses Miranda’s account on her iPad.

When I first set everything up and turned Screen Time on, reports were working great. I could go into Settings -> Screen Time, tap on a kid’s name, and view their usage for that day.

Note: I don’t have any time limits or allowed/disallowed apps set on their accounts, I just want to be able to see their usage time.

A few days (maybe a week) after setting it up, everything stopped working. At first, I could still see the reports for one kid while the rest had the As this device is used, screen time will be reported here text (and this is still the case if I check it right now).

A couple of days after that, the reports that were working stopped working. I’ve tried everything… logging in/out of iCloud on all of my devices, turning Screen Time on and off, rebooting my devices and the kid devices…

Nothing has help. Every kid device still just says As this device is used, screen time will be reported here and they are definitely using their devices.

On the upside I guess, I’m not the only one seeing this. I found (and posted on) this thread in the Apple discussion forums where others are having the same problem.

I haven’t found a fix for the problem yet, and I’m hoping it’s something that can be solved in a future software update. If you’re reading this and happen to know of a fix that works now, please post in the comments.

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