After a brief hiatus and some design tweaks, I’m ready to start posting again. Here’s a quick overview of the changes:

Full-width featured images

As you can see above, if a post has a featured image, it now shows as full-width rather than being constrained to a container. This applies to featured images everywhere–main blog index, individual posts, and pages. Images inside the posts will remain inside the post container.

Status posts

I’m going to take advantage of WordPress’ built-in status post format to post what are essentially tweets. They will cross-post to Twitter automatically once I get the code written.

Improved post meta lines

I tweaked the post meta design beneath the post titles a little. I added fancypants icons for each and tweaked the spacing.

New apps in the sidebar

I updated the list of apps that I use in the sidebar (← over there, or ↑ up there if you’re on a phone). Each app “ad” links to the App Store and if you purchase the app, I get a miniscule kickback.

Other general fixes and improvements

I also made some changes to how things work on the back-end of the site and fixed some layout issues with comments.

More coming

More posts are coming soon, including one on how I use my iPad Pro for web development, so stay tuned!