Folder-first sorting in the iOS 11 Files app


Since the first iOS 11 beta, one of the things that has been driving me crazy about the Files app is the lack of ability to sort by name while keeping folders above files. On the desktop, there’s a “Keep folders on top when sorting by name” option in the Finder preferences, but the Files app has no such option.

After futzing with all of the options and even trying to manually drag items around (hint: that doesn’t work), I finally decided to follow a suggestion from Nathan Smith over on Twitter:

After tagging all of the folders I have with a “Folders” tag and sorting by tag, I’m now able to get the sort I want. It’s ugly, but it works. Hopefully Apple will provide a less painful way of doing this (imagine how awful it’d be to do this with hundreds of folders) in a future iOS release.

Thanks Nate!

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