A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my ideal iPad. In that post, I wrote that I had settled on using the 9.7″ iPad Pro:

The main thing that factored into my decision to stick with the 9.7″ Pro (for now) is the True Tone display. I can’t say enough about it–it’s one of those features you don’t think will be a big deal but then after seeing it for a while you can’t stand looking at a display without it. It really is amazing.

My comment about the True Tone display still stands–I love it. However, my “(for now)” has come to fruition. Since that post I’ve sold the 9.7″ iPad Pro and went back to the 12.9″ model. I also wrote:

One thing I feel like I go back and forth about constantly is the size. I love the size of the 9.7″ for portability and ease-of-use in bed, but I also loved the size of the 12.9″ Pro for using at my desk or on the couch or patio or really anywhere but in bed :)

I realized that I spent most of my time working on my iPad either at my desk or dining room table or couch and not really in bed, and the 12.9″ model is far better for my workflow. I typically have Coda for iOS open on 3/4 of the screen and then either Twitterrific or another app open in the other 1/4. With the 12.9″ model, I can still comfortably work in Coda at 3/4 width. On the 9.7″ model, it quickly starts to feel cramped.

So, there’s my reasoning. I’m sure in another two weeks I’ll regret selling the 9.7″ and wish I had it back, but for now the 12.9″ iPad Pro is back to being my “main computer” once again.