I have a confession to make…

It turns out that I have a bit of an iPad “problem”–as in I can’t ever seem decide which model I want or which suits my needs the best. Case in point: last year after the iPad mini 4 came out, I replaced my iPad Air 2 with one. A couple of months later, the 12.9″ iPad Pro came out, so I bought one of those and loved it–mostly1. Then the 9.7″ iPad Pro was released this past March and curiousity about the True Tone display got the better of me so I got one of those.

For the record, I don’t still have all of them: I gave the mini to my 10-yr old step-daughter (she absolutely loves it), I sold the Air 2 to CashForYourMac (who are awesome), and I gave the 12.9″ Pro to my wife (who is also awesome).

The main thing that factored into my decision to stick with the 9.7″ Pro (for now) is the True Tone display. I can’t say enough about it–it’s one of those features you don’t think will be a big deal but then after seeing it for a while you can’t stand looking at a display without it. It really is amazing.

One thing I feel like I go back and forth about constantly is the size. I love the size of the 9.7″ for portability and ease-of-use in bed, but I also loved the size of the 12.9″ Pro for using at my desk or on the couch or patio or really anywhere but in bed :)

All of this got me thinking about what my ideal iPad would look like, and here’s what I’ve come up with:

  1. 11″ True Tone display. I think this would be my happy medium between the two sizes. It’d be big enough to use on my desk, etc., yet still small enough to use in bed.

  2. A 64GB size option. I have 32GB and it’s fine, but I have to monitor it occasionally and 128GB is way more space than I need.

  3. 3D Touch. I totally expect that this will be in the next versions of the iPad anyway.

That’s about it. I realize the chances of an 11″ display are slim, so I’ll likely switch back to the 12.9″ model once it becomes available with a True Tone display and deal with the awkwardness of the size while lying in bed.

  1. I say mostly here because I loved using it at my desk or sitting on the couch, but I felt like it was too big and unwieldy to use in bed comfortably while lying down.