Month: November 2015

From a post on Reddit:

Here I will seek to establish that Jar Jar Binks, far from being simply the bumbling idiot he portrays himself as, is in fact a highly skilled force user in terms of martial ability and mind control.

Furthermore, I assert that he was not, as many people assume, just an unwitting political tool manipulated by Palpatine– rather, he and Palpatine were likely in collaboration from the very beginning, and it’s entirely possible that Palpatine was a subordinate underling to Binks throughout both trilogies.

And finally, given the above, I will conclude with an argument as to why I believe it is not only possible, but plausible that Jar Jar will make a profound impact on the upcoming movies, and what his role may be.

If you’re into Star Wars at all, go read the entire post. The theory laid out is kind of bananas (ok, a lot bananas), but it’s also fascinating and makes some sense. I’M SO CONFLICTED.

Note: I meant to post this a while ago when I first saw it, but I forgot until a conversation I saw on Twitter this morning made me think of it.

I realized this morning that I never wrote the code to have linked post titles in the RSS feed link to the original, linked article so I added it. Please let me know if you run into any issues.

From MacRumors:

A growing number of users on the Apple Support Communities, MacRumors discussion forums and social media have reported issues with the iPad Pro becoming unresponsive after being charged for a lengthy amount of time, forcing affected users to perform a hard restart to turn the device back on.

Count me among them. This happened to me twice on Saturday. Hopefully whatever the issue is can be fixed with a software update.

Update: Installing the 9.2 beta (currently beta 3) seems to have fixed this for me–at least for now.

Not much to add to yesterday’s post so far, but I wanted to make note of the battery life. I used the iPad Pro all day at work yesterday, a little bit when I got home, and an hour this morning so far and my battery is still at 55%. Awesome.

Back when the iPad Pro was announced, both Miranda and I were interested in possibly replacing our laptops with it. Well, yesterday we took the plunge and I picked up one for each of us.

Here are some quick observations after using one for the past day:

  • First, the obvious–this iPad is HUGE. We were both pretty surprised at how big it actually is. That said, I was even more surprised at how little it weighs. Looking at it, I expected something around the weight of a laptop when I picked it up, but was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t.

  • iOS 9’s multitasking is amazing on the big screen. I can have Coda open on one side and Safari open on the other and preview what I’m working on immediately without having to switch apps or windows. It’s going to be a huge timesaver for me.

  • The software keyboard tweaks are pretty sweet. A number row was added to the top (see below), which is convenient. Now I just have to ignore 8 years of muscle memory in order to use it :)

One thing that was kind of a bummer was that we couldn’t get Pencils yesterday. I ordered two today, but they won’t be here until right before Christmas. Miranda is really looking forward to getting her hands on one.

As for keyboards, we’re both sticking with our Logitech Keys-to-Go keyboards for now. They work fine and are comfortable to type on, so we’ll keep those for a while.

If you have any questions about the iPad Pro, hit me up on Twitter or contact me here on the site.

My limited edition Supersuckers Holdin’ the Bag bundle showed up last week… number 267 of 500. As for the album, it’s really, really good. It was definitely worth the wait. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can find it on both the iTunes Store and Apple Music.

In related (and awesome) news, Eddie is cancer free and the Supersuckers have scheduled their first show back for early February in Florida. I’m looking forward to them coming back to Portland and will definitely be there when they do.