Welcome to 48 Pixels. My name is Jim and I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon. I'm currently the web development manager at onOne Software. When I'm not working or playing with my 5-year old twins, I tend to play a lot of video games.

There used to be a blog here, but since 99% of the traffic I get is for Espresso-ish, I figured I may as well move that to the front page and nuke the blog. So that's exactly what I did. - Update: There's now a blog over at http://jmock.me.

If you need to get ahold of me for something, you can find me at my blog or on Twitter. Or, if you prefer, you can email me.


Espresso-ish is a syntax color theme for Coda (version 2 or higher), BBEdit (version 10 or higher), TextMate 1.5, and Sublime Text 2 based on the default syntax colors of MacRabbit's Espresso. Multiple modes—PHP-HTML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, XML—and inverted colors are supported.